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Tips on improving the efficiency of your Air Conditioning unit

An Air Conditioning unit works harder because of that humidity in the summer season, experts say. On moderately cooler nights, instead of giving your AC a break and leaving the windows open, it would be better if you keep all the windows shut to keep the cool and dry air indoors.

Moreover, to keep the humidity out, Switch ON the unit with closed doors and windows if the hot weather is forecast for the next day.

It has been studied that a new and high-efficient AC system unit uses almost half or even less energy compared to the older models. If your unit is 10 years less old then it is recommended to maintain it efficiently and keep on using it.

On the other hand, if your AC unit is way older than 10 years, then it is time to replace your unit with a brand new and highly efficient AC unit. Throughout the humid summer months of Texas, set your thermostat at the highest comfortable degree.

It has been advised and recommended by the professionals and Energy Star to set it at a minimum point of 78 °F. If you adjust your thermostat a few degrees up you can save a large amount on your utility bills.

Your little involvement could basically improve the efficiency of your Air Conditioner considerably.

Make sure to have clearance around the unit. Get rid of any accumulated bird feathers, dust from its surrounding. Keep the coils of the unit free from any dirt, leaves, or grass trimmings. Make certain that the ventilations fins are opened as they should be.

Always protect the unit from direct Sun’s heat by shading either with a natural means such as a tree or may use any cover. Keep the filters clean to keep the top performance of your AC unit.

To maintain efficiency and top performance, your AC systems must be serviced regularly by a skilled and knowledgeable air conditioning service provider.

If your air conditioner is still not working properly after following the above-mentioned tips, then your unit may require servicing by a professional AC Repair service technician like Keller AC Repair & Heating Solutions LLC.

The highly trained and expert AC Repair technicians will check and service your unit to achieve an efficient working system and clean those interior coils and repair other parts if necessary.

As we welcome the hot and muggy days of summer, Keller AC Repair & Heating Solutions LLC, the largest AC Repair Service Provider, is offering competitively priced services all over Texas to increase and improve the efficiency of AC and HVAC systems all through those warm-weather months.

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