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How many times have you walked to your attic and wondered ‘Could my HVAC system benefit from sheet metal ductwork?’ Between being awestruck and horrified by the huge pile of old Christmas decorations and being confused as to the reason you kept the notes from your college classes, sheet metal ductwork was not the top priority when you were there.

Actually, it isn’t for everyone. Your figure your home’s HVAC work is running smoothly and you’re fine, isn’t it?

Is it?

No matter if you’ve had a new home constructed or moved into an existing building you’ve probably only thought about how hot and cool the air is when you turn on your HVAC system.

The problem is that unless you’ve got the ductwork suitable for your house it could be operating at unsatisfactory levels. This typically means it’s forced to work harder to compensate for the deficiencies, which causes unnecessary wear and tear.

In the course of time, this wear and tear will reduce the lifespan of the HVAC system, resulting in expensive repairs or replacements.

There’s a good chance that the ductwork in your home is made up of flexible ducts. A lot of HVAC companies make use of it and have been recommending it for years. However, this material can be prone to problems due to its flexibility. As time passes the ‘flex duct will kink and sag which can cause airflow to be poor.

Another cause for the flex duct’s performance being faulty is a poor installation or design. Although the material itself isn’t bad, however, making it the sole material in a system could cause issues.

This is the reason sheet metal ductwork is an ideal choice for homeowners. It doesn’t matter if it’s an existing structure or you’re planning to have a new home constructed with rigid ducts, they offer numerous advantages such as: 

Durability – It’s not a secret that attics and other places where ductwork is located are harsh environments. There are a variety of temperatures and creatures that can get into strange areas. Flexible duct can be adversely affected, while rigid duct is sturdy. It’s durable and can endure the most intense attention of animals far more effectively than a flexible duct.

Rigidity – As we’ve mentioned earlier the flex duct may sag and kink, creating vulnerable areas in a run where tears could be created or airflow can be impacted. The rigid sheet metal is what creates your HVAC system an entire system.

Installation Errors – Flex ducts are still extensively utilized by HVAC companies that install HVAC units across the globe. When it is done properly you will get the advantages of efficient heating or air conditioner.

The issue is that the installation is the place where things could get a little off track. Crews may be negligent and result in tears within the ducts. They’ll apply foil-backed duct tape in order to fix the damage to make things better and move forward. This is only temporary help for the now damaged component. In addition, the runs could be too long, eventually causing shrinkage.

Customized – sheet metal ductwork requires accuracy. When you are putting together the layout for your home or updating the appearance of an older house’s HVAC work, obtaining precise measurements of what your ducts will appear like is an excellent idea. In this way, everything coming into the ducts is designed to fit into the design of your home. Flex duct doesn’t provide the same accuracy, and even though it’s an excellent material, the flaws in its design are revealed in time, even with the most efficient HVAC systems.

Improved Airflow – Flexible ducts look like huge crinkly tubes however, because they are textured in relation to their ridges you also have tiny obstructions. These ridges generate drag which is the primary enemy of airflow. Aerospace engineers and the automobile industry invest huge sums of budgets to overcome drag because it hinders efficiency. The ductwork in your home isn’t other.

It’s vital to remember that HVAC installation companies across the globe employ flexible ducts. It’s less difficult to install, is less expensive, and also gets the task completed.

However, sheet metal ductwork although is a greater initial investment, offers many advantages. If you are considering installing ducts or upgrading, make certain to inquire with us at Air Conditioning & Heating Contractor in Azle, TX

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