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Troubleshooting Window Cleaning

Window cleaning appears to be easy enough.

The majority of people would admit that it is easy to start but what happens when the situation isn’t as clear.

There’s a significant distinction between what a homeowner or individual can do and what an expert can accomplish in order to clean windows.

It’s not obvious to you, however, it’s something that will surely come up while trying to do things correctly. To ensure you’re getting clear, take a look at the following simple tips to assist you in resolving windows cleaning issues.

Finding The Best Spots

The first and most important thing is that you must be armed with a ladder.

You might think you’re able to access all your windows, but you’ll discover that certain areas are more difficult for you to access than others.

To ensure you get complete coverage, ensure that you have a ladder and make sure that you’re not putting too much effort to reach certain areas.

This can eliminate streaks in general. It is possible to utilize an extension pole however, it can only be used with smaller sections in general.

Fixing the Water Trails

If you’re seeing trailing when cleaning the mess up, take a look at the equipment you’re using to wash off the glass using.

Your squeegee could be performing great, but the blade made of rubber could cause trails. Examine the way your squeegee was made and make sure that the curve isn’t creating problems.

Another aspect to think about consider is how much water is on your windows and what amount of it is built upon your equipment. It is recommended to clean the blade each when you want to get rid of water. You will be using your squeegee at an appropriate angle.

Water Lines Are Showing up

When you clean and you spot lines of water, it’s likely to be a problem with your squeegee.

If there’s a hole or crack inside the blade, then you’ll notice lines. There could also be dust on the blade and lint escaping off the cloth you use to clean it or your towel. It is important to examine these issues and clean the area prior to proceeding.

Streaks and Marks

The squeegee might be the cause in the event that you’re experiencing chatter or wide streaks. The issue isn’t only the way you’re using it to draw water away and away, but also with your blade as well.

If you notice that the rubber has been damaged or cracked, or not covering the correct quantity of water then you’ll have to adjust it. Dry it off, and then be sure to change the angle you’re applying it.

After that, check for a blade that is in need of replacement. Be sure to remove any water and dry it each time you wipe your glass.

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